What you don’t know about Minimalism

The meaning of Minimalism

Minimalism’s meaning is a trend in original, that strives for using typically, simple forms in painting and sculpture.

It launched in 1950th, it relies on repetition of very short music phrases, that changes gradually, to form a tone with sedative hypnotic effect.


  • Minimalism is a way that can help you to find your freedom, freedom from stress, worry, and fear.
  • May be you won’t feel guilty, depressed

It will help you to not be from supporters of consumption culture that most people built their lives around.

Real problem

Our problem is about Giving things too much meaning, that includes

  1. The relationships.
  2. The personal development.
  3. The passions.
  4.  forsaking our health
  5. our desire to achieve goals beyond our capacity.

As the below plans

  • To buy a big house.
  • To own a new modern car.
  • Achieving a high grade in the study.
  • Learning more than one skills, in the same time.
  • To get¬† a promotion at work.

Minimalism method

Minimalism tends to make you order priorities.
After that you find yourself doing the important thing, with more comfortable and more accommodating.
So minimalism lead you to live your life, with less burdens.

By Getting rid of the less important things, and focus on priorities, to be more free.

Minimalism in advertising and designing

Huge companies rely on minimalism as an advertising system.

Because of the below benefits
  • It uses a simple picture and a short comment.
  • Avoid the Follower confusing.
  • Avoid the follower time wasting.

Even App designers tend to minimalism in
their works because they will be simple for user.

Minimalism Advantages

  1. It’s not just a movement style, it is a life style.
  2. Reordering priorities.
  3. Life style is not complex.
  4. Relieving stress and depression.
  5. Less consume leading to more creating
  6. Lead you to get rid of excess stuff
  7. Living the current moment
  8. Discovering new strength points about ourselves.
  9. Investing time constructively.


To be minimalist means to reorganise your life style with less things, because “less is more”, that will reflect on your life, your relationships, your career.

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Three tips can help you to be minimalist

  1. Be brave to say “no”

    First of all, Don’t hesitate to express about lack of your time, because that will reflect on your active, mood, time, and health.

  2. Be organized

    Generally, you have to put away your extra papers, that will make your desktop organized, that will help you to do the best.

  3. Reorder your priorities

    Finally, Do important things, Ignore confusing things, even the relationships,plan always to achieve your goals, that make you more relaxed and confident.

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