What happens when you eat green vegetables ?

In addition, green vegetables and leaves are rich in iron, minerals and vitamins .. They have a high cleaning ability for mouth, teeth and intestinal odors ..

Chlorophyll is a sterile, cleansing and germicide … in addition to its ability to clean the lining of arteries and strengthen the heart.

… And do not forget to take it whole with its market, because the stalk has a diuretic effect, while the leaves are holding, especially for patients with hypertension, kidneys, and those who suffer from sand, kidney stones, and gallbladder attacks.

… and let us increase the watercress salad in spring because it strengthens the hair …

And let us remember that the green color, according to the energy sciences, opens the thankfulness or the position of the heart..It strengthens the capacity for love and emotional harmony and what we call emotional intelligence, so that a person’s ability to communicate, understand others and feel his feelings increases, and thus possesses (charisma) the lovable and influential personality.

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And this is what makes us feel in danger when modern humans started replacing the green salad dish with mayonnaise, ketchup, soda water, yogurt, or modern salads in which the green color almost disappears, and cheese and other proteins are included in their composition … so they eat green my friends raw. And cooked because it is the very important and balanced color within the colors of the human aura.

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